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Enrichment Classes

Classes and Prices
Our classes are designed to complement your child’s charter school education and supplement homeschool learning. Our instructors are always involved with the students, allowing them to grow and learn in a nurturing environment. The students are challenged to meet their educational goals at every level. We ask that their caretakers be involved and help them succeed.
​Classes Offered:
  1. Mathematics - Scholars will learn the principles of mathematics with real-world applications. Beginning scholars will engage in constructivist game-based learning, while advanced scholars will work on projects. Learning is individualized.
  2. English Language Arts - Scholars will gain skills in reading comprehension, literary analysis, and writing conventions of the English language.
  3. Spanish Language Arts -Scholars will engage in conversational Spanish and also learn writing conventions of the Spanish Language. The frequency of Spanish conversation is highest with the beginning scholars and tapers off for more advanced scholars.
  4. Science - Scholars will explore the natural world through hands-on labs accompanied by details of the underlying scientific theories and laws. Scholars will explore life science, earth science, and physical science.
  5. Social Science/History - Beginning scholars will learn about society and inter-relationships, with an emphasis on California. Advanced scholars will explore the world and US history. The theme for social science and history is social justice.
  6. Art - Art concepts, an overview of art styles, and art history are linked to social justice themes.
  7. Music - Scholars will learn the basics of instruments and learn social justice songs to build knowledge of melody, rhythm, and tempo. Scholars will also be taught lyrics in English and Spanish for adding vocals to the final performance collaboration. 
  • $274.00 a month
  • $1,370.00 a semester (includes all subjects for TK-8th grade)
A la carte:
  • Core Courses (Math, English, Science & History) $60.00 per class
  • Other Courses (Spanish Language Arts, Art & Music) $55.00 per class
Click here to enroll your scholar on a path to success. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.
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